21 February, 2008

Training Course "And now what?" in Czech Re. / Call for ex EVS volunteers and mentors from Greece

it is pleasure for me to inform you that the Training Course "And now what?" was approved!
The training will take a part in Czech Republic during the days 9. 4. - 14. 4. 2008.
Arrival day: 9. 4. 2008 Departure day: 14. 4. 2008
Venue: Pelhrimov - Centre of human resources - Centre of nonformal education (o.s. Hodina H)
Participants: 2 from each country
Countries: Bulgaria, Greece, France, UK, Germany, Romania, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic

Summary of the seminar:
Seminar is oriented MAINLY to people who has been EVS volunteers, work with exEVS volunteers. Seminar is based on thoughts coming after EVS (european voluntary service):
"what can I do?, how can I use all the things that I΄ve learnt?, how to share this experience with the others? what should I do if I want to continue collaborating in the activities of the Youth in Action programme? or what about other different options?".
This seminar is supportative also help for people working in organisations with EVS volunteers or who are involved in the EVS field. Seminar should help people to answers and show the possibilities "how can they help to their volunteers, how to motivate them for continueing working in a similar line after their projects are finished, if it is possible to make any kind of collaboration between european countries".

Seminar is composed by several workshops and sessions, where we want to show to the participants different posibilities of continueing working in different initiatives after the evs, as for example preparing youth exchanges (action 1.1) or maybe seminars (action 4. 3), being mentor of an EVS volunteer or working in youth initiatives (action 1. 2).

Seminar is focused on EVS as an experience of the Youth in Action programme and as a base of follow-up in the Youth in action programme, youth work, field of nonformal education, sustainable development.

Do you want to participate?
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