06 February, 2008

Invitation for participants from Greece

What: Youth Exchange "Children of Abraham"
When: 25-31 May 2008
Where: The Netherlands
Invited countries: Poland, Israel, Palestine, Turkey and Egypt.
How many participants: 5 per country
Who: 4 Youth interested in the topic of religion, 18-25 (ok if one participant is 25-30) + 1 Leader/youth worker (any age)

Topic: Exploring the common ground between three religions
The aim of the youth exchange is to promote inter-religious dialogue between Europe’s three most common monotheistic religions and to remove stereotypes. We want to make an open and friendly space to speak about the current conflicts and raise awareness of young people from different parts of Europe and different religions and teach them methods to deal with political and social problems. Through this project we want our youth to understand differences and show them that it is possible to respect people with different believes and share our communities in peace. The program will also target social and community problems. We will work on questions like ‘how can the development of society be influenced or affected by the three major religions’, ‘how does the increase of migration throughout Europe, and with it, the mixing of religious beliefs affect local communities?’ and ‘what are some of the similarities between the different religions, things which people are not very aware of?’

Below you find some practical information about the project:
First of all we counted on 5 participants of each country including 1 leader.
The age of the participants (at least the most) must be between 18 and 25 years old.
There has to be balance of gender among the participants of each country.

The program will be from the 25th till the 31th of May.

Both of these dates are as well travel as program days. For that we need to guarantee the time of arrival and departure:
On the 25th you have to arrive at Schiphol or Amsterdam between 12.00 and 15.00 o’clock pm. We will wait for all participants to arrive before going to Egmond.
On the 31th you can depart from Amsterdam Schiphol from 18.00 o’clock pm. The last night we will stay in a youth hostel in Amsterdam. If you want to stay longer you can inform us and we can help you to find your own lodging.

This program receives funding from the Youth in Action program of the European Commission. All food, accommodation and activities will be paid through the funding.

About the reimbursement: 70% percent of the travel costs will be reimbursed, for that we need to get several things.
By airplane:- Conformation of the airline company or an invoice of the travel company- Proof of payment, for example: bank/giro account or credit card overview- Copies of tickets and boarding pass
By traveling by car in your country:- You have to show how many kilometres you have driven. For example by printing the trail on which you can see the amount of kilometres.- Costs for toll roads can only be reimbursed if you can show invoices.
Costs for food and drinks and overnight stays during traveling are not being reimbursed.

The accommodation is called ‘Lioba klooster’ based in Egmond-Binnen, in the dunes and near the beach, and near the lovely old city of Alkmaar, in the North-West part of Holland.

Contact in Larissa, GR:
Kostas Karnavas in TerraNEON contact details

Contact in Athens, GR:
Chrisafo Arvaniti in "Citizens in Action"
Emm. Benaki 93-95, 10681, Athens
tel. 0030 210 38 01 881
fax 0030 210 38 01 809

Contact in The Netherlands:
Emma Neijland/ Willem de Boer in "Code-X Internanional"
Goilberdingerstraat 32, 4100 AC, Culemborg
Tel. 0031 (0) 345-518 731
fax. 0031 (0)345-521 749

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