21 February, 2008

Letter from Youth Exchange "Puzzle Europe"

I knew nothing about the “Youth Exchange”. I just listened that everybody enjoy in this kind of exchange and that enrich yourself.

By chance, a trainer offered me to go to Turkey for a youth exchange to talk about the European Community. This was the theme, to speak about the European Community and to exchange the culture between the five countries participants: Slovenia, Latvia, Portugal, Turkey and Greece. Finally, I decide to go representing Greece and the Greek culture with another 5 people. I met them just in the airport and since the first moment they dealt with me like really friends.
From the 28th of January until 6th of February I went to Alanya, a city very beautiful in the south of Turkey. The name of the project was “Puzzle Europe” and we were 6 people from each country and 6 coordinators. 35 young people very friendly and ready to show and explain to the others countries theirs cultures, food, parties, minds, kinds of lives, something about their languages,…

It was really amazing to share all this days with this people. I know nobody that didn’t enjoy and learn about this experience. I could see when everybody was crying the last day because the project finished.

And for me was even different. I am Spanish but I was representing another county. I had to represent Greece and everything that involve the Greek culture and I was able to do it. It was really satisfactory”

Said by Nuria Tomás.

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