10 February, 2008

Give Action Take Attraction (GATA)

What is GATA?

G.A.T.A - Give Action Take Attraction (GATA) is a training course for young people and youth workers
about implementation and innovation of non-formal education methods in Youth in Action projects


• Czech Republic,
• Greece,
• Italy,
• Portugal, and
• Spain
4 participants from each country;
Able to speak and understand in English;
With interest and motivation to learn, to cooperate and enjoy.
GATA is addressed to youth workers, trainers, youth leaders, coordinators, organisers of international
projects and people who by every day work and international youth projects of Youth in Action programme
use, will and can use nonformal education.

When? Where?

Saturday 8th to Saturday 15th of March 2008
(8 days including arrival and departure days)
The preparation the realisation and the evaluation of the project will be held in TerraNEON in Larissa,
Thessalia Region, Greece.
TerraNEON is the intercultural space of learning and technology of Youth Mobility Centre
TerraNEON is adaptable.
Flight destination: Athens (ATH) or Thessaloniki (SKG)

Aim of GATA

To improve and increase the quality of international youth projects by innovative non-formal education methods, through:
• the use of new methods, realizing objectives with more diverse resources;
• sharing experience of used training tools from lasting trainings and ones used in preceding projects from each group;
• rising of the activity of the young people in projects, through the selection of suitable methods to every group, the more active, more educated young people the better realized project objectives;
• the personal development of the trainers , leaders, youth- workers being a part of the project;
• sharing methods.

Objectives of GATA

• to inform about the Youth in Action Programme
• to create new youth projects
• to innovate character of working methods, themes and target groups
• skills, qualifications and personal development of the participants

Youth PASS

GATA training course leads to Youth Pass. Youth pass will be issued by the partner organisations with the
cooperation of the participants. Non formal group TerraNEON has participated in special training in
issuing Youth Pass.

How to participate in GATA?

All participants have to fill in and send the registration form by email
before Friday 15th February 2008 to TerraNEON@gmail.com
The registration form is available through the organisers and the partner organisations

Costs of GATA

• The „Youth In Action“ Programme supports the project with 24924 euros to cover: training costs, activities costs, special costs, board, lodging and 70% of travel costs
• The participants cover the 30% of travel costs
• Youth Mobility Centre supports the project contributing space and equipment for the realization of the activities.

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