25 March, 2008

"Let me be" on screen! Κάθε Πέμπτη στις 19:00

Parallel universe!

"Somewhere on this planet
it must exist
a place
an experience
an encounter
that changes everything"

(taken from "the beach" film,
dedicated to the "parallel universe"
created during
"Give Action - Take Attraction" training course)

Weekend in Kissavos Mountain: Important Information

ciao hi godenmorgen dasmbintania hola etc

there are some things we want u to bring for your self
-sleeping bag or 2 sheets
-water 1 liter
-warm clothes
-mountain shoes or sportshoes
-rain protection coat
-sleeping shoes if u have

and some thing i want u to do before u come
-cut your nails from your feet!

10 euros for the bus .10 euros for the bed in the refuge.we pay fo the coffees the tea cocolate etc.
the bus will carry the food and drinks until the village and from there to the refuge by car.
the route to refuge is about 2.30 hours -horas and we go slow siga-siga.we r not hurry
sorry for my english,i never was good in that language or any language
we hope for seen u all,it is not a scary email.come and we will be okei.:)
ciao ci vediamo u r wellcome see u all

yours, body(not for all)
and soul(for all)

PS Arrange you arrival in Larissa this Friday 28 of March! Cheap trains for Larissa depart from Athens at 14h53 and at 16h51, from Thessaloniki at 16h46
Arrange your departure on Sunday 30 of March! Cheap trains for Athens depart from Larissa at 18h27 and for Thessaloniki at 21h26
People from Larissa meet us in TerraNEON on Friday at 22h00!