19 August, 2008

To TerraNEON στη Νορβηγία

North. Far away, distant, cold north of our planet…seemed like a place that belongs to some other unknown, still undiscovered planet. Nights with no night, nights in white. Only midnight sun very often hidden, obscured by clouds.

We were , as a greek group, supposed to participate in “Nature and Energy” summer camp, all together with groups of youth from Serbia, Poland, Russia and Norway. Camp was situated at the same place where 60 years ago lives were taken. The very same place where we were expected to ask ourselves how to preserve life of the people to come to this planet.
We were out of surprise when we found out that huge amount of energy that we use in our states comes from fossil resources . But there was defeating fact we all agreed upon: there are some other sources of energy and we’re almost out of usage it. Throughout of next several days we started to think how to provide answer to this issue.

Therefore we had workshops. Organizers of the camp, Narvik peace foundation, from the same town in Norway, organized several really important but interesting events. Visit to HIN, technical university in Narvik, having presentation upon possibility to storage energy, or paying us a visit representatives from various local companies dealing with wind, solar energy, or producing energy from garbage. Recycling is a question of all the questions of producing energy from garbage. Do we recycle? Why not?

And, yes, we played. A lot. We had so much fun playing games of getting to know each other, our really different cultures, finding number of similarities among ourselves. We played with Lego cards that works on solar energy, on water energy, on wind energy,….we went on riding canoes on a beautiful lake that creates river,….the same river from which we drunk water, coldest and cleanest ever. We conducted “Operation Rombaksboten”, based on hiking and camping in picturesque valley that meets long, steep and narrow fjord. This activities took us to develop certain state of mind: if we’re getting so much from the nature, let’s try to be at least aware of it!
Our next step, further consideration of our activities is nature preservation. Or, we’re already there?

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