25 October, 2007

The volunteers write about the volunteers

We were thinking to ask from the EVS volunteers to write something for themselves which we could publish to the blog.... However, sometimes its easier to write for somebody else than yourself....eventually we had a lottery and they wrote a few things not for themselves but for another mate....Below find their posts...

Σκεφτόμασταν να ζητήσουμε από τους EVS εθελοντές να γράψουν λόγα λόγια για τον εαυτό τους, τα όποια θα δημοσιεύαμε στο blog.... Ωστόσο, μερικές φορές είναι πιο εύκολο να γράψει κανείς για κάποιον άλλο, παρά για τον εαυτό του....τελικά κάναμε κλήρωση και γράψανε μερικά πράγματα, όχι για τον εαυτό τους, αλλά για ένα συγκάτοικό τους....Παρακάτω μπορείτε να διαβάσετε τα post τους..

Halil for Nuria
What can i say about Nuria. Words are not enough for her. But i can try. She is from spain, from villena alicante. But she studied in Valencia. Probably she is the most beautiful woman of allicante. She is 23 (i guess). And she is a psychologist. She likes horses, to travel, to meet new people, learning new languages, nature and to dance. She is realy realy good and hot dancer. And i think she is a familiar girl. She has 2 sisters and one brother, 2 nephews and 3 nieces.

Her best experience is her erasmus project. It was in Poland Warshow for 9 months 2 years ago. She thinks it was crazy. She likes to be here in Greece. She chose Greece for evs ‘cos she thinks greece is similar to spain. And also it has good beaches and good weather. And she thinks the best in Greece are food, weather, islands, and beaches but she does not like parties in here and also she thinks its a bit massy and dirty. And she thinks Greek is hard. But i am sure that she will be so glad to be in Larissa in the end of project...

Armand for Jan
Hi! His name is Jan, he comes from Ceska Republika, he is 27 years old. Jan studied the work of Waiter and Cook, he worked during 6 months in this specialty, but after some problem with his back he had to stop. He began to study in a school of electricity then he worked as a Technician of Maintenance to repair Wood Machine.
Before coming to Greece, Jan did a short-term EVS in Latvia to work in an institution which helped people with AIDS. In the same time, the rule about the limited age for doing an Evs project changed.
So he is now here in Larissa for 8 months. He works in Aristeas, a centre for people with disabilities. He helps people to make some exercises and participates in leisure activities. During our arrival seminar, we learned an essential thing. Don’t make prejudices about any foreigner. After 3 weeks of life community with Jan. I can say that the Ceska people are Junky, have orange hair, go to work in kick bike, and are vegetarian..! Second essential thing about the EVS Project, Always give your feedback to the others volunteers with a specific sentence: One positive thing, one negative, and of course positive thing at the end. Jan is an excellent cook, but sometime he has not the notion of the quantity of sugar, moreover he is very nice!
Finally, Jan dislikes Human But Likes animals, Kick Bike, Drums, Punk, Country, Nirvana, reggae, Cooking

Nuria for Halil:
Halil is from Turkey, Bursa. He is 27 years old. His birthday is 22nd of February. Next summer, probably he will finish his studies in economics. He started his studies in Bandirma in 1999. He rented a flat and he was living there for seven years. He met his best friend, Murat, there. They were living in the same flat for 5 years.
His father’s name is Ali, his mother’s is Nersin and he has a 25 years old brother, Cenk. His hobbies are music, reading and traveling.
The best in his country is Istanbul. He loves the people and his friends there. Also he likes the beaches and the hospitality in Turkey. The worst thing is that there are less human rights.
The best experience was his live in Spain, he traveled alone in spain for a month, he went to Barcelona, San Sebastian, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla….
He arrived in Larissa the 14th September and he will stay here until May. His project is in TerraNEON with the computer service. He chose Greece because he would like to learn Greek, which will give him the opportunity to find a good job, a good car, and finally, a pretty woman! :)He likes Greece and the food and the alcohol here. The worst is that it’s expensive.
I am living with Halil for a month and I can say only good things for him. He is very nice and very honest. I would like to travel more with him and I would like to taste his food because he hasn’t cooked yet!
You are welcome, Halil! :)

Meike for Armand:
Meet Armand! He's a 21 year old french garcon from a small city near Nantes in Bretagne.The last three years he has been studying computer science/electrics at the University of nantes, but the studies go to to trivial and he decided to take a break and do something completely different. Before coming to Larissa, Greece, he spend one month in Madagascar with a group of friends working as a volunteer in a school, doing acticities with the children and restoring the school-libary. It was a big experience for him to get so close to a culture and the every day life that is so different from the french... No baguette, no champange, no fois de gras!
In Larissa he is a volunteer at the Special Nursery School in Neapoli, where he works with children between 5 and 8years with severe mental disabilities.When he's not at the school Armand likes to play the guitar, listens and DANCES to music (everything from french chansons to good old disco;-)), go for a run in the park, surfing the net and travelling: meteora, Athens, Saloniki...He's already planning the trips to the islands of Greece next summer where Myconos and Santorini are ranking highes on his list.
Although, of course, nothing can mesure itself with the french cuisine Armand has unevetably fallen in love with the taste of the all-greec kouloraki and ouzo...not much longer and he'll be playing bouzouki instead of guitar and dancing the sirtaki.

Jan for Meike:

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