10 November, 2008

Make some noise

The morning of Thursday 6th of November found the participants of the exchange in TerraNEON. The topic of the day was "Lets get loud". They knew they were going to Make Some Noise in Larissa, but they couldnt imagine what is really going to happened....

The day started with the opening of the exposition with theme The Little Prince. The participants donated the 10 panels with graffiti to the residents of Aristeas House.

After that, they started the preparations for the second part.
"define hug", "hug as fast as posible" "define free hug", posters, clothes, condoms and they left for the Coffee Square of Larissa, to give free condoms and free hugs.

The video below is from the 'free hugs" part of the activity.

A 3 minutes video teaser promoting the coming soon documentary "The making of Some Noise". The teaser includes scenes after the free hugs, the crazy dancing, clapping, singing and hugging parade.

Also watch the video clip Respect, recorded in the same place, one day earlier http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6104535965405665364&hl=en

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